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What is Commercial Property Insurance?

Businesses have many physical assets, including buildings, computers, specialized equipment, outdoor signage and inventory. If a fire, storm or thief were to damage or steal these assets, a business may have to go through a recovery process before their doors can open once more.

Without adequate commercial property coverage, approximately a quarter of businesses fail during the first year following a disaster or theft. Such events result in hundreds of billions of dollars in paid claims. Most businesses cannot afford such a substantial loss. Commercial property insurance can assist with repairs, replacements and lost income during a tumultuous time like a natural disaster or theft.




      Building Contents / Business Personal Property

       Coverage provided for direct physical loss of or damage to the 
       Building or Structure at the premises caused by or resulting from
       any Covered Cause of Loss.


Coverage provided for direct physical loss of or damage to the 
Business Personal Property located in the premises caused by or
resulting from any Covered Cause of Loss.


      Business Income Endorsement Extra Expense Endorsement                             

       Coverage provided for the actual loss of income sustained due to the
       suspension of your business operations as a result of direct physical loss
       at the premises caused by or resulting from any Covered Cause of Loss.


Coverage provided for the necessary expenses that you incur during
the period of restoration that you would not have incurred if there had
not been direct physical loss or damage to your property.


      Ordinance or Law Endorsement                                                                         Inland Marine / Equipment Floater Endorsement

       Coverage provided if the insured building or structure sustains direct
       physical damage by a Covered Cause of Loss and as a result, the Insured
       is required to comply with an ordinance or law in force at the time of loss.


There are two categories of Inland Marine Insurance. One category
consists of coverage for specific items, such as equipment, instruments,
records or films. The other category consists of transportation of goods.


      Equipment Breakdown / Boiler & Machinery Endorsement Outdoor Property Endorsement

       Coverage provided for loss due to mechanical or electrical breakdown of
       equipment and the cost to repair or replace the equipment.

Coverage provided for direct physical loss of or damage to the Business
Personal Property located outside of the premises caused by or resulting
from any Covered Cause of Loss.

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